A side-scrolling cyberpunk adventure.
Presented by Visionesia Studio.



The year is 2050. Nu Preanger is a futuristic dystopia city built from the foundation of the old city, ruined by a catastrophic disaster. Citizens lived in polar opposites; The northern side is brimming with luxuries and technological advancements, while the southern side constantly tethered on poverty.

Ruling them all is Hemisphere; a multi-corporation sanctioned by the government to develop the city and maintain peace. For more than 45 years, Hemisphere has ensured order and authority (mostly for the favor of the wealthy), and now the "big brother" is on the verge of a total monopoly of Nu Preanger.

Beneath the lush northern hills and gritty southern industrial complex, lies a century worth of hidden conspiracies that shaped the present, and future.


Three distinct characters with distinct skills and personality must work together to uncover the disappearance of a certain man. The search will lead them to a bigger plot shrouding Nu Preanger.

Tamara - An agile courier, betting her pride on parkour and combat skills. She confidently strides through obstacles and dominates her opponents.

Alex - Self-proclaimed "computer expert" with a sharp tongue. She might be the weakest of the three, but her mind savviness could outwit her surroundings and oppositions alike.

Marin - The mechanical-savvy big sister. Her expertise in engineering comes in handy as her gadgets and robotic masterpiece plow through combat area.


Explore various locales of Nu Preanger. Interact with seamless elements, tear your opponents through highly responsive controls. Feast your eyes in high-definition 2D side scroller graphic.

Use every character to overcome trials ahead. Change character seamlessly in the middle of gameplay to gain an upper hand. As Tamara, use your massive strength to traverse the stage in style and overwhelm your opponents. As Alex, hack your way past doors and barriers; or use your drone to find secrets and toy with enemies. As Marin, craft an array of gadgets and customize your personal mech to bolster your fighting strength.

* Screenshot not representative of final product.

Koil Blacklight


Experience a different side of cyberpunk world with official soundtrack from Koil. The Indonesia's renowned rock band have graced us with licensed musics from their "Black Light Shines On" album and its instrumental counterparts. Cyberpunk tale have never been this head-bangingly addictive.

"Kenyataan Dalam Dunia Fantasi" by Koil


Crimson451 is currently in development for PC platform; when it's ready, we will anounce the release soon.
Meanwhile, you can try the demo gameplay at BEKRAF Game Prime 2017. Alternatively, stay connected through our social media page.